Patience and Staying Calm is The Key – The Chronicle Of A Successful Investor, Reinhardt Coetzee

Trading entails difficulties and issues which makes it less successful for most people that tread the path, however, the prevalence of failure does not mean there are no distinguished investors. These are Investors that have been brewed with appropriate techniques and strategy as well as an understanding of the market. One of the best ways to learn and obtain cutting-edge advantage is through understudying successful traders that have distinguished themselves over the years. One of such is Reinhardt Coetzee, a South African investor.

Reinhardt Coetzee Distinguished Career

Over the years, Coetzee started as an enthusiast of emerging technologies, trending and can impact the daily living of man. Also, during his stint in the industrial automation industry, investing became his hobby.

His interest in investment propelled him to start investing in equity fund such as unit trust as well as ETF sometimes back when he started to earn a living. Coetzee’s passion for carving a niche for himself in the sector further made him invest in share trading online and invest in stocks directly to build his portfolio.

After a while in this industry, he moved to Etoro, a multi-asset trading platform that offered him more means to flourish in his profession. This was instrumental in reaching the status of an elite popular investor quickly.

According to Coetzee, his choice of Etoro was guided by the exposure and ease it offers to reach the international market, with its user-friendly interface and also an opportunity to interact with other traders across the globe. Also, the transparency and the statistics the platform provides makes proper analysis possible.

Through the platform, Coetzee stated that he has managed to build a well positioned and a diversified portfolio, especially through the market model that is used by the platform which enables the traders to reinvest their portfolios.

Coetzee Trading Strategy

On Coetzee’s strategy that has brought him the celebrated success, he stated that he is focused on maximum long-term growth. With this, he does not only function as a day trader but also does a lot of research and analyze carefully all the information available about the companies that he invests in.

Sharing his experience, he advised traders to keep a long-term goal in mind. And also to be patient and calm regardless of the external changes, while noting that though technology stocks and equities may be volatile in the short term, they are considered to be the most profitable investment category.

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